Concussions are Brain Injuries

April 26, 2017 by: Roy Benaroch, MD Article Tags:

Many parents (and even some teenagers) realize that kids are going to use their brains at some point in their lives. I’m getting increasingly more questions about the effects of concussions-are they going to lead to trouble down the road? How can they be prevented and treated? First, let’s abandon the term “concussion.” It’s a…

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Roy Benaroch

Roy Benaroch, MD

Roy Benaroch, MD, FAAP is an Associate Adjunct Professor of Pediatrics with Emory University. He has produced several courses exploring medical cases for laymen in his "Medical School for Everyone" lectures, available from The Great Courses, and has also written books for parents and chapters in medical textbooks. He is also on the Board of Directors of The Children's Care Network, one of the largest clinically integrated pediatric care networks in the country. Dr. Benaroch practices general pediatrics near Atlanta, GA.