The Successful Treatment of Children With Atopic Dermatitis

December 22, 2017 by: Alvin Li, BS
Richard Antaya, MD

child dermatitis

Atopic dermatitis (commonly referred to as “”eczema””) is a common skin condition that affects approximately 15% of the population. Eczema tends to appear in children in the first year of life as areas of itchy, pink to red skin. When eczema is severe, the involved skin can look like it is wet or “”weeping.”” The…

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Mr. Li is a fourth-year medical student at the Yale School of Medicine. He has an interest in pediatric dermatology and is currently conducting a research project investigating the relationship among topical corticosteroid phobia in parent-caregivers, the clinical outcome of atopic dermatitis, and medication adherence. Dr. Antaya Professor of Dermatology, Pediatrics, and Nursing and Director of Pediatric Dermatology at Yale University School of Medicine. He has longstanding research and clinical interests in the treatment of children with atopic dermatitis.

Alvin Li

Alvin Li, BS

Richard Antaya

Richard Antaya, MD