Probiotics in Pregnancy

February 26, 2018 by: Pediatrics for Parents staff Article Tags: ,

The Question: Does the use of probiotics during pregnancy convey any health benefits to the mother or baby?

The Study: In this Dutch study, the records of 2,491 pregnant women were reviewed for the use of probiotics during pregnancy. In addition, their use of other products such as homeopathic preparations and household tobacco use were tabulated. Lastly, the researchers evaluated the mothers’ and infants’ health during the first year of life.

The Results: Probiotics were used by 341 (13.7%) of the women. There were no differences between the pregnancies of the users and non-users in gestation, age, ethnicity, or education. Use of probiotics was associated with use of homeopathic preparations and maternal and paternal history of smoking. There were no differences in the health of the infants during their first year of life.

Comment: Prenatal probiotics appear to not influence the health of infants during their first year of life. Their use may be an indicator of the use of other “alternative therapies.”

Read More: European Journal of Pediatrics, 02/16