Neighborhood Food Stores and Weight

March 6, 2018 by: Pediatrics for Parents staff Article Tags: ,

The food sources in your neighborhood can affect your weight. In this retrospective study, the body mass of more than 7,000 fifth graders was measured in 2004 and again in 2007 (when they were in eighth grade). The authors then looked at the ZIP Code Business Patterns that counted the number of food stores in each zip code. Food stores were categorized as supermarkets, limited-service restaurants, small-size groceries and convenience stores.

Girls living in ZIP codes with three or more supermarkets had lower BMIs than girls with less access to supermarkets. Girls living in areas with many limited-service restaurants tended to be heavier as measured by BMI, than girls who lived in areas with fewer limited-service restaurants. The same was true for small-sized grocery stores.

As for the boys, there was no relationship between the number or types of food sources.

Article Reference:

Journal of Adolescent Health, 01/16