Side Benefit of the Measles Vaccine

March 6, 2018 by: Pediatrics for Parents staff Article Tags: ,

There’s no question that the measles vaccine helps protect kids from acquiring the measles, a potentially serious viral infection. Now there’s evidence the vaccine helps prevent other infections as well.

It’s well known that certain serious infections and sometimes cancer can impact a child’s immune system, making it forget prior infections and thus lowering the child’s immune response. This puts the children at increased of infections, sometimes serious ones.

The question these researchers evaluated is whether the measles vaccine protected against the extra susceptibility. They reviewed medical records of children from Denmark, the United Kingdom and the United States before and after the measles vaccine became routine, looking at rates of serious infections.

The researchers ran a similar study, looking at the effects of whooping cough and the whooping cough vaccine on the incidence of other serious infections. They found no similar effect.

They found that the rate of measles and other serious infections declined once measles vaccination became routine. The authors concluded that measles may have a long-term effect on children’s immune system that increases their risk of serious diseases for many years.

Science, 05/15

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Science, 05/15