Predicting Ear Infections

May 22, 2018 by: Pediatrics for Parents staff Article Tags:

The Question: Does acute otitis media (ear infection) during the first year of life increase the risk of recurrent ear infections later in childhood?

The Study: In this Israeli study, the researchers evaluated the records of all neonates admitted to their hospital from 2005 through 2010, looking for those with acute otitis media caused by a culture-prove bacteria. Infants admitted without acute otitis media served as the controls. There were 84 neonates in the study group and 79 in the control group.

The Results: They found the number of infants who went on to develop recurrent otitis media was four times that of matched infants with no history of acute otitis media. This was true even after they corrected the data of smoke exposure, number of siblings, ear infections in siblings, breastfeeding, day care attendance, or pacifier use.

Comment: This study seems to indicate neonatal ear infections increase the risk of developing recurrent ear infections. A larger study is needed to verify this result.

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