Problematic Internet Use

May 22, 2018 by: Pediatrics for Parents staff Article Tags:

Concerned that your child’s use of the internet is becoming a problem or that your child is becoming addicted to the web? Here’s a simple questionnaire that may help address your concerns – and perhaps help you better understand your relationship with the internet.

The Problematic and Risky Internet Use Screening Scale (PRIUSS) is a screening tool for evaluating one’s relationship with the internet and internet use. Answer each question as best you can for your use over the past six months. You should include both time spent on a computer and smartphone. Texting time counts only if interacting with an online application.

Answer question with a:
Frequency      Score
•     Never              0
•    Rarely              1
•     Sometimes     2
•     Often              3
•     Very Often      4

How often:

1.  Do you choose to socialize online instead of in person?
2.  Do you have problems with face-to-face communication due to your internet use?
3.  Do you experience increased social anxiety due to your internet use?
4.  Do you fail to create real-life relationships because of the internet?
5.  Do you skip out on social events to spend time online?
6.  Do your offline relationships suffer due to your internet use?
7.  Do you feel irritated when you’re not able to use the internet?
8.  Do you feel angry because you are away from the internet?
9.  Do you feel anxious because you are away from the internet?
10. Do you vulnerable when the internet isn’t available?
11. Do you experience feelings of withdrawal from not using the internet?
12. Do you put internet use in front of important everyday activities?
13. Do you avoid other activities in order to stay online?
14. Do you neglect your responsibilities because of the internet?
15. Do you lose motivation to do other things that need to get done because of the internet?
16. Do you lose sleep due to nighttime internet use?
17. Does time on the internet negatively affect your school performance?
18. Do you feel you use the internet excessively?

Scoring the Answers
A score of 25 or greater indicates the teen is at risk for problematic internet use.