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We like to think of ourselves as a pediatric journal for parents. Pediatrics for Parents is the best single source of children’s health information, and our goal is to help you become an active and informed partner in your child’s healthcare.

Unlike other parenting websites, we don’t provide parenting information in hopes that you’ll buy stuff from our store (we don’t have one), we don’t offer bulletin boards or chat rooms, and we’re not secretly funded by a pharmaceutical or other big company. We’re simply a small publishing company just writing and gathering the best information for rearing healthy children.

We have:
• A bi-monthly newsletter with in-depth articles that are written by pediatricians and other healthcare professionals for parents of children of all ages
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• Practical parenting tips

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Pediatrics for Parents began in 1981 as an effort to educate parents in a family practice residency about basic pediatric information, in depth articles on children’s health, and the latest news on pediatric advances. It grew from a 4-page quarterly publication to a bi-monthly 28 page newsletter.